Welcome to our (very organised and rather beautiful) world


Welcome to the beautiful, creative, organised and perhaps slightly geeky world of Unique Planners! Welcome to all of our fellow planning geeks who just love to plan, understand the joy of colour coding, feel the rush of satisfaction from compiling a new list and the pride when someone comments on our personalised life planners! Welcome also to anyone new to this gorgeous world, who is just dipping a toe into the sea of planning joy – we are bursting to give you advice, tips and to share our life planner designs. Ask us ANYTHING!

To start we thought we would tell you about our favourites – and we would love to hear about yours.


Cover design

This simple, fresh and modern cover is an all year round winner.

Contents Pages:

OK so it’s not possible to choose just one but that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? 

The gardening schedule makes a great addition to a planner and is also a useful reminder of the seasonal changes to your garden to look back on.  The car maintenance checklist is a must for organising the more boring things in life and the wine tasting notes are for the more interesting parts! 

Way to Personalise:

Adding your own photos to a front cover makes it unmistakably yours and the cute stickers and tabs that arrive with your planner are a fun way to use and customise it.

So, over to you fellow planner lovers! Feel free to join in with your own favourites – we would love to see them!


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