...'Tis the season!



Wedding season is here, and so many of our brides will have been using their wedding planners to count down and plan the big day!

If you haven’t seen them yet…let me introduce you to what our wedding planners offer.

First of all, there are 6 beautiful pastel designs to choose from. Each design allows you to further personalise with your names and/or photos.

Inside, it is fully customised to your unique wedding, by counting down to your exact wedding month! This enables you to use the helpful check lists each month making sure you are keeping track of all you need to do! These checklists can be used alongside your 'month at a glance' pages so you can schedule in your appointments, dress fittings, rehearsals and keeping track of when you need to pay deposits and balances.

In the easy-to-use online designer, the back section is editable to allow you to drag in the planning pages that suit your wedding. This allows you to create a completely useful planner, without extra pages that don’t apply to your wedding, and can add the ones that do! For example, if you are having a very small wedding, you may not want pages of contacts and therefore can select as many as you need. Or if you are having a very informal wedding, it might not be applicable to have seating plans and charts. There are lots of fun pages to choose from including advice about choosing a photographer, making up your own wedding themed cocktails, drawing your wedding dress ideas and anything else you could think of! You can add in lots of notes pages if you want to give yourself space to jot notes or draw out your own ideas.

This is all finished off with a handy wallet to keep your magazine clippings, business cards and quotes safe, and also a handy sheet of stickers that you can use to make your planning fun and pretty!

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but our planner helps you to stay organised and prompts you with all the things you need to think about and remember. Our brides have found it a really comprehensive guide that holds your hand through the process...and gives you an excuse to buy more stationery…as if you needed it!