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When we have a moment, we love to check out what our favourite bloggers are up to. We’ve learned recently that whether it’s a blog about fashion, food, extreme sports or even the night life of butterflies, one thing is guaranteed: bloggers love to plan! I mean, we don’t blame them - making a list in our life planners (and ticking off each item on said list) gives us a unique sense of satisfaction, productivity and - dare we say it - a soupçon of smugness.

For a self-confessed stationery addict, there is just one problem: ‘off the shelf’ planners can be so limited and plain. They tend to conform to the ‘one size fits all’ belief. We think you should be able to design your own unique planner so that it is 100% tailored to you and your life. With this in mind we asked lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Geraldine Jayne to try out our life planner and asked her just what she loved about it…  



Q. What did you love most about your Unique Life Planner? 

A. I love the size and layout of the pages. It's compact yet has all the space I need for my plans, checklist, and goals.


Q. What have you found most useful so far? 

A. Most useful to me, at the moment is the weekly checklist. I can tick off everything as I go and it's all there as I open up my planner. A close second would be the plastic wallets. Super handy for stickers!


Q. What was the inspiration for your front cover?

A. I wanted something bold and colourful to complement the interior design and to invoke a happy feeling each time I pull the planner out of my bag. I added the positive quote for this same reason. 


Q. What was the favourite element that you could add? Perhaps a bucket list, or holiday wish list? 

A. Because I'm an avid reader I would have to say the 'Books to Read' was my favourite element. There's space to write and keep track of loads of books and rate them too! I love that!


Q. Has your Unique Life Planner inspired a new hobby or some travelling plans? 

A. Actually, yes, it has. I am now inspired to commit in ink a bucket list, whereas before it was always just a fleeting thought.


Q. What do you think will be ‘hot’ in the world of planning next year?

A. I believe what will be hot in the planner world will be the opportunity for people to get creative themselves. Giving options for them to do this in the form of removable pages, paper that will take heavier inks/medium, removable pocket pages for photos and journal cards. You can also sell add-ons and stickers, anything that will create and inspire people to become more creative with their planners. I believe we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg with this. People are using planners as journals - and creative journals at that. 


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