As recommended by…

Did you know that our customisable life planners come recommended by a whole host of fantastic lifestyle and Mum bloggers? 

We thought we’d share with you some of our favourites with a snippet from their review. 



“So recently I absolutely totally am OBSESSED with planners! Like seriously oh my god guys. 

No but in all seriousness, I did get a new planner and it is really good. I got it quite a while ago but then I went on holiday and then I moved house so I haven’t got round to writing about it but basically it’s a great planner and especially useful for me because I am a freelancer so I have to make sure I’m planning my time and remembering to do everything.” 



“Unique Life Planners by Pirongs: the customisable planner you need in your life… the best thing about the Unique Planners is the additional sheets you can add at the end. Most diaries will have space at the back for making notes but Unique Planners do this in a gorgeous, unique and fun way. There are so many extra pages you can choose from.”



“Seriously loving this Pirongs Planner! There will be NOTHING, not a thing, de nada, you won’t like, because this planner is unique to you.

Not just a planner, a Unique Planner

I’m talking about personalised Unique Planners  where YOU design it exactly how you’d like it. You choose the cover, add in photos, quotes and information pages right down to the colour of the pen holder. I pondered over these small details way longer than I should’ve, but the choice is so good and I needed something which I wouldn’t mind looking at for a whole year, I had to be sure it was what I wanted. (And I’m annoyingly indecisive, just ask my husband.)



“that’s the thing with diaries – you need to find the right one.  For me, that means a huge planner with plenty of space for everything.  I don’t just want to use it for work.  I want to use it for blogging, keeping track of what the children are up to, hospital appointments, planning, to-do lists, contacts and everything in between.  And it needs to look beautiful.  Just like this one.



“Delivery was really quick. It was on my door mat in less than a week, which I think is fantastic considering it’s a personalised product.”