Plan to study! - Uni student, Emily told us what she loves about her Life Planner!


'As September fast approaches, the organised students among us will start getting our heads around the new start of term. Buying new stationary and pens, colour coordinating folders, doing anything to try and ensure this year is more organised than the last! Being bogged down by upcoming deadlines and assignments was the bane of my life last year, but now it’s going to change! 

I had previously tried using standard planners and academic diaries to try and keep my life in order, but with the limited space and inadequate options of relevant pages for my specific day to day life, work and social got on top of me and deadlines were missed...When I came across the Life Planners I had found the solution to all my problems, juggling assignments, deadlines, fitness and my social life!

The layout is ideal, being able to put in lectures, deadlines, timetables and the all-important social events makes sure I get everything done and on time! Although the AM slot will be used slightly less than the average working person, being a student and all, I can now make the most of the time I do have awake! 

One of my favourite additional pages is the meal planning page. I can now be super organised and plan meals for the rest of the week, and if I’m being really organised the next two weeks! My housemates next year are going to be so impressed when I whip out all my meals and have been so organised I haven’t even blown my budget! On the topic of money, the budget and expenses pages are an essential for all students – balancing costs to make sure we have enough money for our necessities like Wednesday nights out!

I can’t wait to cross off my assignments from my check lists, highlight my budgets for the week and colour coordinate my social events!  Thanks to my new Life Planner my life at Uni will now be super organised and stress free because I won’t miss any deadlines!'

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