New Cover Designs


I’m Marie, one of the designers at Pirongs, and we’ve just launched a new range of cover designs for you to choose from! 

Many of our customers like to design their own covers from start to finish, uploading their own photos and using just about every tool in the designer, whilst others prefer to keep things simple and instead tweak one of our wide selection of existing designs.

I love seeing what people do to make their planner unique, and would happily own all of them! Also it’s amazing to see the planners that people create for their friends, as Christmas, birthday, or ‘just-because’ presents.

My three favourite designs at the moment are ‘Raindrops of Jupiter’, ‘Purcular’ and ‘Purple-metric’.  Let me tell you why…

‘Raindrops of Jupiter’ is bold and contemporary with lovely muted pink, blue and green drops on a ‘night sky blue’ creating a lovely repeated pattern. It’s finished off with a friendly cloud carrying your name (or whatever text you would like). I particularly like it when teamed with a silver wire and white ribbon to match the cloud!

These decisions however are all yours and you can pick from the large range of ribbon and wire colours that we have in our workshop.

‘Purcular’ (the purple-y, circular design…do you see what we did there?!). I like this design because it feels like a feminine but sophisticated option that could be taken into a business meeting, or used as a bloggers planner (we have special page options for bloggers!).

Made up of translucent overlapping circles creating interesting tones, this design has an array of pretty colours and contains a name badge in the form of a simple flower shape. A lovely lilac ribbon is my choice here, but it would also look great with a light blue, silver or gold ribbon.

‘Purple-metric’ reminds me of an old exercise book design, with its plum coloured left hand margin that looks like the traditional cloth spines. We’ve brought this up-to-date with a funky geometric design in different pink and purple shades. It reminds me of mirrors, diamonds or cut glass. This is a cool girlie option if you love pink, and you can choose a pink ribbon to match. 

Metallics are on trend at the minute, and you can choose a bronze, silver or gold wire to bind your hard cover, and we even have sparkly gold or silver ribbons for you to choose at no extra cost - so you are free to go with what you fancy. If ‘sparkle' is your thing, you can also add a sparkly elastic band that can be put round your planner to keep it all closed and together. We’ve made gold, silver and purple sparkles, and if you can’t choose we have a bundle where you can select all 3 to change as your mood suits or to give to your friends!

I’d love to see which designs are your favourite, email me, or post on our social media channels to help inspire us all in this #plannercommunity.