Looking forward to 2017 planner trends


It’s been a busy year for Pirongs HQ. We have launched three new products, four new cover designs and seen lots of beautiful life planners printed and sent out to their new homes. 

With our life planners gaining popularity in the UK over the last year we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what we think will be trending in 2017.


It’s no secret that we planner types love a sticker. Anything to brighten the pages of our planners is a must-have, and even the most novice planner addict will require a few stickers to get going. Our life planners already come with a page of colourful stickers, but with high demand for stickers to fit specific planners we have decided to extend our range. 


Personalisation has gone much further than a monogrammed front cover. We want our names, faces and favourite colours splashed across everything we own and for our stationery to reflect our personalities. Personalised products can also mean the difference between a standard gift and a thoughtful and meaningful one. Here at Pirongs personalisation and choice is key, which is why our life planners are fully customisable and come with plenty of different options to choose from. 

Hobbies, Goals and Plans

The trend of the moment is to have journals for each aspect of your life. Fitness trackers, business goals, food diaries, dream journals – you name it, there is one out there. Although these individual journals and notebooks might look beautiful, the reality of having 10 different journals can be confusing and if we’re honest, slightly daunting. However, we are all for noting down your lists, goals and ideas…just maybe all in one place. Choose from over 20 pages to add in to the back of your life planners and keep an eye on all of your goals all year round. 

While we obsess over what we can personalise or add to our planners next - what do you think will be trending in 2017? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter #StationeryTrends