Get Organised, Get Sticky


Our Life Planners now come with a bright and colourful sticker sheet with pretty stickers for you to add your reminders, notes and important dates to your brand new planner. But it gets better. There are also 'Months of the year' stickers... and they become tabs along the side of your planner pages!

stickers for personal planners

We are very excited about this, as they're a quirky addition to an already great product. It's up to you whether you choose to add them, and they clearly mark out the months in the corresponding colour, and so match the lovely page designs.

What's more, we've even thought ahead, and given you a handy guide to show you how to space these out correctly so that you can keep your planner neat, getting the spacing right first time. (We know this is important!)

The twelve colours used throughout the planner correspond with different icons used to illustrate each month in your year, for example an aqua blue umbrella for April, and a burnt orange pumpkin for October. These are also represented on your sticker sheet as little decorative circlular stickers, alongside star stickers in all the different colours so you can dot them around as you wish.

Get Sticking!