Drum roll please…. We’ve just launched our first film!



Recently, we thought it might be best to go all Steven Spielberg and illustrate our wonderful lifestyle planners in our very own film. This is because sometimes it can be a little tricky to explain exactly what a lifestyle planner is – we are all so used to ‘off the shelf’ diaries and year planners, or making notes in our phones that a beautiful, 100% customisable (haute couture, if you will) planner can be difficult to visualise.

So, we worked with a fantastic cinematographer to create something that really represents what we do – it is fun and fresh and, importantly illustrates all the ways you can customise a Unique Planner by Pirongs to make it your very own. 

Our little film starts with the many ways you can bring personalisation to the front cover of a Unique Planner. A lovely landscape, an inspiring quote or the drawing your little one did last week that never fails to make you smile…. we love to see the different cover designs that come through our printers. There is also a library of gorgeous patterns if you don’t have something suitable to hand. Keep it as it comes? Our film shows how you can tailor your cover (front and back!) with a photo or two, pop on some text – it’s entirely up to you!

Next, cue the pretty binder and ribbon colour options to give your planner added interest. They’re pretty useful too. 



Did you know that you can choose from three different date layout formats? Our film shows you the options and how you can add photos and text to the calendar section of your planner to keep track of those important birthdays, anniversaries and appointments.

Then, the really good bit! The back of our planners come with pages and pages of extras… from games to play, a bucket list, holiday ideas, Christmas card lists, wine tasting, garden planning, budgeting, party planning, packing for an adventure – the choice of pages is completely up to you simply drag in the ones you like. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them!

We know that stationery lovers like stickers so we include a whole page of them – they go at the back with some clear plastic wallets to keep your bits and bobs in …. watch our film to see how to use them. 

Pop on a pen holder and ping your lovely piece of sparkly elastic – colour of your choice, of course and hey presto your very own Unique Planner is lovingly packaged and labelled and sent to you in the post! Phew – we got all that into one film? Yes we did. 

Hold on to your hats, red carpet moment… here it is! 



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