Do we hear wedding bells? There’s a planner for that.


Ok this is an exciting one. Our super-talented design team, have been working their magic on an exciting (and rather beautiful) new project. 

We’re launching what we’re pretty sure is the first ever completely customisable wedding planner, dated to the month of your wedding!  But how does it know? You may ask. Well, you use our nifty online planner builder - tell it when you are getting married and then get designing; choosing (and personalising) a gorgeous cover, adding photos (of your spouse-to-be, friends, family, bridesmaids, cats) adding text, and then choosing the colour of your binder and ribbon. All tailored to you.

The especially brilliant thing is that you then get to choose from loads of clever ‘organiser’ pages so, from the obvious (guest lists, gift records, dress comparisons) to the slightly more specific (catering fact finder, venue decoration planner, honeymoon planner), whatever works for you. With an 18 month dated countdown it’s all you’ll need to create the wedding of the year and seriously impress your friends and family, NOT that that is what it’s all about (but it is just a little bit). 

Once you’ve completed your planner online we’ll get cracking on creating it for you. Then, just wait for your postman or postlady to arrive with it (or get it sent to work so you have another excuse to casually mention the word ‘wedding’ to your colleagues). It’ll arrive in all its hardback glory with your photos and text beautifully printed and every little detail exactly how you wanted it (start as you mean to go on we say). 

So plan away, brides and grooms to be, plan away! Click here to choose your product to start your exciting planning journey!


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