Calendars - make it personal


We love a bit of customisation, so when we decided to launch calendars we knew you’d want to make them as personal as your planners. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of their smiling children (or pets!) as they flip over the page to a new month?

Our calendars are unique, because as well as being able to add your photos, you can also use our online designer to drag in some fun, funky and beautiful backgrounds. Choose a theme for the whole calendar or go ‘mix and match’ and pick out your favourites to complement your photos.

What’s more, you can use our clever tool to add in your events that we’ll then pre-print on your calendar. These are great for birthdays and anniversaries, and you can even choose a photo to appear in a little circular icon so your calendar will be full of lovely little faces!

So get ordering for your sister, friend, mum or grandma (all they really want is photos of their grandchildren!) and put this years memories into next years reminders. Actually, I better order one for my Mum now…