Achieve your business goals


Whilst printing your Uniques, we’ve noticed that quite a few of you have an eye for business: whether that’s running Etsy stores, managing blogs, or simply aspiring to do so. That got us thinking…  Why not introduce an April start date, to fit in with the new financial year!

Business pages

A Life Planner can be a fantastic tool for keeping on top of your business tasks, and really helps to break them down into a manageable workflow, so that every single day you can clearly see what needs to be done to keep everything running smoothly.


Why Not…

• Use yours as an editorial calendar to plan out a strategy for posting great content to your blog and social media channels? 

•Design your covers to carry your branding, and show your colours at every opportunity?


To make our Life Planners even more useful, we’ve now come up with a bundle of pages specifically designed for budding entrepreneurs that you can simply drag into your planner, and use to…

• Track leads and opportunities.

• Create an inital business plan.

• Plan events and conferences that you intend to visit or exhibit at.

• Lay out a detailed business model canvas.

• Create, and stick to your short, medium, and long-term goals.

These pages will then be with you everywhere you go, helping you to stay on track, and stick to your business plan.

Our Unique Life Planners are now available with an April start date. Start the new financial year with a bang! 

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