Who we are


We’re Pirongs, a family company based in sunny Devon, who have been publishing diaries and planners since 1961, so it’s fair to say that we know our stuff. 

We sat cross legged in front of the TV to watch man walk on the moon, witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, and welcomed the arrival of the digital age. Things have changed a little since the 60’s!

We took our first steps online in the mid 90’s, and ever since, our team has been creating more and more designs to keep up with the growing demand, and then we thought…

“Why don’t we let our customers design their own!?”

Unique Planners was born.

We make fantastic high quality diaries, planners, and note books that you can design yourself. You can even choose the colour of your wire binding and ribbon bookmarker, and so can create something that’s truly unique!

Our products make the perfect personalised gift for any stationery lover, and are a great self-indulgent treat which won’t go unnoticed amongst your friends and colleagues.

We have over 50 years of experience in planning and stationery design to offer, combined with the latest technology and printing techniques.

At Pirongs old meets new, and you get the best of both worlds.